A Campaign to Openly and Directly Address Rape

Within Our Communities

This is a campaign to break the silence around rape and sexually dangerous/predatory behaviours, and to use community-pressure, people-power and survivor-direction to openly and directly address rape. It is also a public service campaign to educate around the realities of rape, sexual assault, and sexually transmitted infections for the safety and health of women who are exposed to them.


Because as women we’re tired of putting up with rape.
And because as survivors we cannot rely on the state system to support us.


Because too many of us are sexually assaulted or raped in our lifetimes.

Because only a small percentage of survivors report the rapes.

Because very few of those reports are taken seriously.

Because survivors are rarely encouraged or supported in speaking out publicly.

Because we’re sick and tired of being raped, and because we refuse to remain silent any longer.

Because rape hides in silence.

And finally because as survivors and allies we’re done asking for perpetrators to act with respect for our bodies, our safety, our health and our communities. We’re done having no power over these situations. We’re done being treated with disrespect and dishonesty. We’re done with all that. And we’re taking this into our own hands.


Please distribute to your networks.
Please help to make this public.
Please help to BREAK THE SILENCE.


Print posters, fliers, notices, and distribute as you please.