Communique from FIGHT RAPE!

by rapeisreal


Dear Individuals & Communities,

This is a communique from the FIGHT RAPE collective. We’re aware of Benjamin McCullagh-Dennis’ actions of rape and of refusal to allow full-disclosure of this and of being a carrier for HPV. We’re aware that he is currently engaging in an accountability process, but that he’s continuing to hold power over this situation by maintaining silence around his actions.

This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. As survivors of rape, we are committed to speaking up, speaking out and publicly breaking the silence around rape. We will not allow perpetrators to hide from their actions or to choose their own level of engagement with processes to address them. We stand behind the survivor’s right for empowerment and agency over this process, and we have included Ben in our BREAKING THE SILENCE campaign. We understand that the survivor is still requesting an accountability process be ongoing, and we will respect her decisions around that. We also understand that the survivor is calling for broader support in helping to break the silence around Ben’s actions.

At the moment the survivor has requested that all community spaces, radical organisations, safer spaces and concerned community members be alerted of Ben’s actions and ban him from your space/event/community until he has completed his accountability process for the rape he perpetrated. We understand this to be a more-than-reasonable response to rape within our communities, and we will support the survivor’s requests. Please be aware that despite Ben’s verbal statements of commitment to being held accountable for his actions, he has continued to use dishonesty to break agreements and hold power over this situation. If he contacts you or if his friends or supporters write on his behalf, please respect the survivor by not taking his word and by checking in directly with the survivor if you have questions about where he’s at in his accountability process.

We know that too often rapists are defended while survivors are doubted. That dynamic has got to change! Survivors have nothing to gain from speaking out about rape except for breaking the silence in a culture that supports it. We will not stand behind a rape-culture. We will believe and defend the survivor. We will doubt the words of the perpetrator as someone who has proved himself to be untrustworthy in his actions of rape and his actions of continued silence. It’s time to turn the tables on this rape-culture dynamic. It’s time to FIGHT BACK.

We are all survivors and we are sick and tired of playing nice.